New school year busyness...

It is September already and we all know what that means…the beginning of a new school year is in full swing. For some, including preschoolers, school is about to begin. The beginning of a new school year means a flurry of activities. The busyness of it all can be exciting and rewarding, yet at the same time overwhelming and draining if we are not careful. Where is the time to get centered in the midst of all this activity?? The disciples were also very busy people in their day. Jesus had sent them out two by two to various communities to teach, heal and cast out demons. Although they were very excited about what they were doing, the disciples became drained of their energy over time; some were too busy to eat! When they had all gathered to report back to Jesus about their missions, I can imagine they were all talking a mile a minute about their experiences - the good, the bad and the ugly. After hearing them, Jesus called them to go with him to a deserted place so that they could have a time of Sabbath rest and eat together. In the midst of our busy days, it is important to take time for Sabbath rest and reconnection with God. It is easy to go and go and go and push and push and push and sooner or later we find ourselves burned out by all the demands of our days. It is not easy, but taking time away with God helps to fill us up and refreshes us. Ideally, we would dedicate a whole day to spending time with God and getting renewed. As many of us know, this is not always possible, as would be confirmed if we read further in Mark 6:33-42. People have needs – our kids, our grandkids, our family, our friends, and our community. Yet still in the midst of these interruptions, God calls us away to a deserted place. This time away could be when we first wake up in the morning, at noon over lunch, or in the evening as our day is winding down. May we each find time in this busy season of the year to connect with God and be refreshed anew to do all God calls us to do.

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