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Updated: Oct 15, 2018

We began this month celebrating Easter—on April Fool’s Day no less! The resurrection of Jesus the very first Easter morning gives us hope that death does not have the final say. Through Jesus’ victory over death, we have hope of eternal life.

I remember the first Easter I lived in Nome, Alaska as a US-2 Young Adult Missionary through the United Methodist Church. I had lived in Nome a little over six months and had nearly made it through my first winter. As I woke up that morning, I was in a crummy mood. The sky was gray and overcast. The snow that had been accumulating since October was still on the ground. Green grass and flowers were absent from the landscape.

The signs of Easter, as I had known them for the first 24 years of my life, were nowhere to be found. The cues were not there to convince my mind and body that it was Easter. I just wanted to stay in bed. What at first seemed like a hopeless, gloomy Easter day for me several years ago turned into several encounters of the Risen Christ. I experienced the risen Christ through worship—the songs, prayers, Easter story, sermon, and the people around me. I experienced the Risen Christ through the gift of homemade hot cross buns from a woman in the church. I experienced the Risen Christ in the people who hosted me and other friends for Easter dinner later that afternoon. The Risen Christ showed up through the love and thoughtfulness of others, as I relearned what Easter is like in another part of the country. Easter is not about the external signs, but about the fact that Christ is alive! Christ is alive indeed!

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