The Good Shepherd

Picture of Jesus with Sheep

“I am the Good Shepherd,” Jesus says in John 10:14. “I know my own and my own know me.” What a comfort to know that God hears our voice, but if Jesus/God is the good shepherd, how do we know when we hear God’s voice? For some of us God’s voice is plain and audible, just as if we were speaking from one human to another.

For others of us, God speaks to us through other people or nature. For others of us still, God speaks to us through art or a multitude of other ways. Perhaps God speaks to us in several different ways each time. For some of us, tears well up in our eyes when we feel a strong presence of God and sense that God is trying to communicate something to us in that time, in that place. For others of us it still remains a mystery and we are trying to figure out how God speaks to us.

Ultimately, God wants a relationship with us – individually and as humanity. Being in relationship with God is like being in a relationship with other people or with our pets. We have to work hard at those relationships. To be in a good relationship with someone, there is mutual giving and receiving.

Relationships change over time. Trust is built, sometimes t