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Kid Rowing
2023 Church Camp Registration is open for those attending Coldwater United Methodist Church

The CUMC Endowment Committee manages a trust fund allowing us to award scholarships for camp that will pay 100% of the camp cost.  One week of United Methodist Camping is equivalent to one year of United Methodist Sunday School. 


The procedure is:


  1. Register for camp and pay the registration fee.  To register online:

  2. Apply for a camp scholarship through the Endowment committee - scholarship forms are in the Endowment mailbox or through the church office or online.

  3. The Endowment committee will meet in April 2023 to award scholarships paying the balance of the camp fees directly to United Methodist Camping

  4. Go to camp and have a great time

  5. After camp, your registration fee will be reimbursed via a check from the church


Camping isn't just for school age children.  Check out all the camps they have for younger children and adults at There are also camp weekends in late January and early February that the Endowment Committee would love to have you participate in and we will help pay for it. The Endowment Committee meets four times per year so we can add your request to our agenda at any of those meetings.


Remember, one week at Church Camp is equivalent to one year of Sunday School.


For more information contact Ruth Proctor. 

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