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February 22, Ash Wednesday

Ecumenical Service with Concord, Girard, Quincy UM Churches, and Presbyterian and St. Marks Episcopal Churches.  Service times are 12:00-12:15 pm and 6:00-6:30 pm


Join us throughout Lent as we consider the Habits of our Heart.


Our 7 week worship series "Heart Habits- Growing Our Relationship with God" will focus on Hebrew Scripture that tells the tale of God's heart for us, and our heart for God. As the accompanying book study Getting involved with God states " is evident that the Old testament is urging us toward certain habits of heart and mind that "work: in our relationship with God." Join us as we discover these habits together. - Pastor Scott 

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Heart Habits worship series topics

(Invite a friend!)  


  • "Driven by Desire" Proverbs 8- Feb 26th

  • "A Growing Relationship" Exodus 33- March 5th

  • "Seeing Heart to Heart" Psalm 102- March 12th

  • "Break my Heart for What Breaks Yours" Psalm 51- March 19th 

  • "Heart and Soul, Discovery at the Bottom" Isaiah 49- March 26th

  • "Listening to the Heart" Isaiah 50- Palm Sunday April 2nd

  • "God's Overflowing Heart" John 20- Easter Sunday April 9th

AT 10:00 AM

Reading Music in Choir

April 2 at 10:00 am

Cantata  Special Music Service

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