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“Coldwater UMC strives to be a safe harbor for all as we grow in

Christ, and respond to the Spirit with childlike curiosity.”

It’s been 2 months since we began our visioning process. Over that time a group

representing the fullness of diversity from our congregation has had Spirit led

conversations, mostly joyous, but some more serious in nature. We’ve named and

defined core values of who we are, and we have made a vision statement, that you just

read. It was fun and life giving to be in this process. I left every meeting hopeful for what

our future would be. But there has always been a question in all of our conversations

and dreaming, the question of your reaction to this statement. Our statement works for

us, it’s pretty, we think it’s clear enough, but its real test lies with you. Because, this

must be our statement if it will be worth anything. So, we invite your comments and

feedback at the Palm Sunday brunch following our Palm Sunday cantata on April 2nd at

10 am. Members of the visioning team will be scattered throughout the Fellowship hall

willing to answer questions and hear your thoughts. We welcome your feedback. : )

While we covet your feedback we also consider that regardless of what our

statement is, if it is good as presented or needs to be altered, this is going to be a

season of change for our church. It’s already has been! We are living into the change of

pastoral leadership, the change of secular and sacred attitudes towards church activity,

the changing of Coldwater as a growing and more diverse community. Change it

appears, is all around us and now is our chance to respond.

I’m grateful to be in this place with all of you. I’m grateful to be apart of a

congregation that values fun and blends that with the spiritual. I’m grateful for your

service and dedication to our church. And I’m grateful to be here responding to this

change with you.

May God Bless us in this changing time,

-Pastor Scott Marsh

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